the Hookah - Shisha

Dr Rajeev Gupta, consultant cardiologist at Al Ain Hospital, says: "Shisha is worse than smoking cigarettes. An hour of smoking the shisha is equivalent to smoking one pack of cigarettes." People who smoked water pipes had five times the risk of lung cancer as non-smokers.

Does that answer your question, Hsien?

Anyway, I am sure the most of you out there knows what's shisha..Well, don't talk about what it is..I am sure most of you would know how does it look like right? Just in case you're toooo innocent to know, here's a picture of it.

Smoking shisha (Arabic water pipes, sometimes known as hookahs) brings the same risks as smoking cigarettes. It can lead to lung cancer and many other health problems. Smoking can also affect your mental health, as it is linked with anxiety and depression.

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