Wonderin why this blog is dead? because I've been somewhere else :D


Here I am to talk about China

My content may not correspond to my title..It's a huge disappointment aint it? Because I am gonna leave the update for some time later..Muahahahaha *Mou Liu*
Till then, toodles..Here aint no content about China..Just these four crap sentences.. XP

Pop your acne, and you'll leave a scar!

Since so many young adults are facing severe acne problem, here I am to provide you the little and basic details about acne..

It's time to show off my scientific skills I possess..LoL..Nah, just kidding.. Just thought these details may be informative to be shared around as I was curious myself =)

Acne occurs when sebum from the sebaceous gland is clogged due to blockage of flow to the hair follicle..

Causes / Making the acne worse
1- inheritance
2- hormone level.. (increased androgen during puberty causes sebaceous gland to enlarge, during 7-9 days before menstrual, hormonal changes during pregnancy)
3- stress/emotional tension
4- drug in take such as androgen, lithium and barbiturates
5- greasy make up
6- rubbing the face/neck
7- pressure from seat belts, helmets, backpack, tight collars
8- pollutants
9- scrub,squeeze / pick the acne

NOT caused by
- chocolate
- heaty food
- dirty skin

P/S : When you go home, you can start placing ALL your facial wash into the rubbish bin.. =P


microcomedones (which cannot be seen by the naked eyes) are enlarged hair follicles plugged with bacteria and oil

Comedo under the skin/closed comedo = whitehead
Comedo that opens up = blackhead (it is black NOT due to the dirt)

*whitehead and blackhead may stay for a longer period of time

Papules = small, pink bumps
Pustule (pimple) = inflamed, pus-filled lesion, read at the base
Nodule = large,painful,solid lesion lodged deep within the skin
Cysts = deep, painful, scarring, pus-filled

Just see a dermatologist!! XP
medication prescribed is just to reduce inflammation, bacteria, oil production and clumps of cells in the follicle :)

dermatologist may give you oral or topical medication
oral medication = tablets
topical medication = something you apply on your skin

What Education Really Is?

As stated above, what education really is?

I am not gonna answer this question because I am not sure myself.. It seems so vague to me..

During the ancient days, to be in a school is something very great and to be proud of..A thing to be very grateful about..Nevertheless, poor families never gave up on education..They learn moral values instead.. Education is not only something you read, memorize, understand and apply.. It is also something to improve your EQ to be applied in your daily lives.. Education can also be gained through experiences.. Hello, just so you know, Bookworms aren't the only SMART people..

Graduating from Form5 level during my father's time is already a passport to a greater companies..You don't have to take any Pre-U, diploma, degree, masters and yada yada to be hired in a company..

But now? Regardless if you failed Form3, you will still be automatically be in Form4..

ACE was once a miracle to people like my mom and dad back then when they were studying..To just pass the papers they sat gives them the whole satisfaction about education..

And now... people don't just look at your ACE..they look at your STRAIGHT A's..
Ooops..I forgot, people tend to look at your STRAIGHT A+!

Is education something for people to compare around?
Is education something to boast about?

Or is education something you possess to find the true meaning of life - which I call, the inner wisdom which gives birth to a wise man..

It's all about Ranting!!

Ok I guess my blog's once again dead..

I never had this feeling to blog again because I thought my life has been smooth lately..Well, hardly faced anything I would like to grumble..Not till today, when I gave up keeping it all to myself..
I decided to BLOG! But heck, it's not gonna be something knowledgeable that you're gonna learn something from this, it's just my personal ranting post..

So here is how it all started..

CNY's around the corner as we were all busy cleaning our houses..
Nevertheless, this year, my house had MAJOR CLEANING that my parents had warned before, all 'rubbish' had to be thrown..

Fine, we were all well prepared to THROW things away..Unfortunately, my schedule was pretty hectic as I had MCC and caroling preparation to do during the weekends.. Hence, I wasn't there to really CLEAN the house..

One fine Sunday morning, when I was cleaning the cupboard just before my caroling practice, my dad bashed into my sis's room when I was half way cleaning..He took all my stuff and just threw it in an empty box without even asking me if I still want that stuff..WTF! Fine, since the things he threw wasn't really important, I can't deny I was very pissed off at that moment that I went to my room and slammed my room door and locked myself there, not wanting to talk to anybody (because I know, if I were to talk, there wasn't gonna be nice words from me)

The day has passed..What has been thrown on that very fine morning, I myself have no idea what were they..

It was then forgotten..

Just few weeks back, my eldest sis flew all the way from Ireland to have an awesome 2 weeks break back here in Malaysia..Before her arrival, I managed to have a major 'vacuum session'..Wiped the dust and did a little 'throwing session' of my own things..She wasn't very satisfied with the condition..With that, another round of MAJOR CLEANING was made in her room..

She threw some of my stuff, but at least, it wasn't that bad as she asked me beforehand if I would still want to keep the things she were about to dispose.. The things were then nicely arranged in the empty slot..
That day has passed too..

But it wasn't fully over YET!

And crap, today was one of the most shitty day I've felt from all the cleaning days being made..

My mood was way toooo off to even talk to anyone after that..

Ok, to make my statement clear, this is what has happened in the morning..
I wake up as usual, was bathing, brushed my teeth and get myself dressed for work...
Till when it's time to pack my bag (where I usually bring books to read as I honestly do rot at work), I couldn't find the book I wanted to bring to work..

I remember placing the book on the table where I usually placed my books very frequently..Whether it was my SPM books / inspirational books / story books which I LOVE MOST (I specifically placed it there for my convenience to take the book when I wanna read it - and I know I would touch it some time SOON..Not just to place there for fun and make the house look messy)

Heck, I discovered that my dad took it all and threw it into the recycle bin few days back..And I didn't even know about it..WTF!!
They were all NEW books that I hasn't complete reading them myself..And now it's gone!!!!!!!

One of them was a book my sister bought from Ireland..Author TONY BUZAN, a well known man for his mind maps, book entitled "Use Your Head"
It was darn a good book that teaches you how to use your brain and also the right way to study..

Another book was "Men From Mars, Women From Venus"..
Another darn good book to improve communcation skills with your family,friends and loved ones.. (I was reading it in office all this while, AND WTF, its now gone!!!)
And the best part is, the book belongs to a friend of mine..It doesn't belong to me!!!!!!

Another book was a story book which also, I borrowed from a friend of mine..which is now in the RECYCLE BIN! WTF!!!!!

(Excuse my language in this post, I just felt very f***ed up when I knew about this)

All my efforts wrapping those good books at work which also had my most favourite bookmark in it..My dad simply threw them away without even asking whether I still want them..!! argh!! SHITTY MUCH!!
I was rather pissed and frustrated..It ticked me off so badly that I never talked to my dad till I arrived in the office..(I know this is bad, but once again, I knew it will never end up good if I opened my mouth by any chance)..I guess, I gotta pay my friends to compensate for the books that have been thrown..

And I don't think I would be able to talk to my dad for today..Just today...Or maybe I would..I don't know...

But what has happened was simply frustrating to even think about it!!!!!!!

Then, back at work……

Gosh, another frustrating thing happening at work..
Not to side my mom for this, but she used to complain how bad the company’s management was since she worked in this company..My dad and I just listened but could not understand the stress she had been handling at work..

Ever since I entered this company to work as a temporary receptionist, I’m feeling very frustrated with the system here myself.. Believe it or not, I am not paid for my February’s salary yet..And now it’s already MARCH for goodness sake.. The manager had been delaying things which can be very irritating at times because nothing is progressing..

Not only that, my mom and I decided to make things easier for the company by telling the manager that he doesn’t need to arrange an EPF for me because there’s a lot of hassle to it..With an EPF, I will earn RM900..As for me, without an EPF, my salary remained RM800 instead of RM900 monthly..Fine…

And because my mom said its ok not to contribute to that stupid EPF, the manager decided to pay me on daily basis.. Excluding public holidays and Sundays..Meaning, my salary is now LOWER than before.. Take RM800 and divide it by 30 days.. I’m earning approximately RM30 per day.. Divide it by the working hours which is from 9am-5.30pm, I’m earning approximately RM3+ per hour..Plus, I still have to work on Saturdays!! WTH!!

And because of that, I now know how my mother had been suffering at work..

P/S : ‘Oh-so-sweet manager’, so long, I hope I’d never have to come back..!

Signing off feeling really F***ed up!

Life Has Been Tough

So it's been some time since I last blogged again..
Trying to revive this..

Life hasn't been good for me so far..Well, with all the fengshui and predictions they have every year, mine is aint so good this year..Whether it's my health, wealth and love..I don't use to trust them all, but the 'aurora' around me forced me to believe so..

Whatever it is, I am trying hard to live on..Life goes on anyway..

I last had an exam on the December..Left high school and my life has nothing to do with it anymore..besides the memories I carry along with me..I had been rotting at home, trying to do whatever I can do to kill my time..Housework..? Driving..? Form6 tuition?

Unfortunately, I had to stop my tuition classes due to some reason..That's when I began rotting..and rotting..Till I decided to work in my mom's office as a Receptionist..It's much easier to work at the same place as your mom..You gain lil things like :-

1. Free meals (mom pays all)
2. Free transport (dad drives us)

In spite of that, I had to face this minor problem when I work..Which is to equally rot in office when there's nothing to do..Gosh, I still can't escape from rotting..Whatever it is, I guess I had learnt quite alot from this working experience =)


Yesterday was my mom's birthday..just wanna wish her a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY here..

May she be well and happy always..


WenYuin's signing off feeling very very blue today...
I remembered how I shed my tears in front of my good mates just a week ago..*sigh* Thanks for being there when I needed someone, mates..

Why I Despise LONG Phone Calls..

My friends who did know me well enough would notice that I don't like talking on the phone..Phone calls are a no-no for me..Well, there are actually many reasons to why I hate LONG phone calls...

1. The phone heats up your ear, it's painful towards the end of the conversation (too much of infrared I suppose)

2. It's a big interruption especially when you're eating/sleeping (at least you can take your time to reply sms-es after you finish your meal/nap - although I can't deny that at times, some phone calls are emergency..I wouldn't mind that)

3. The message conveyed isn't clear..You can't exactly hear a person when the background is terribly noisy..

4. We assume things which can cause lots of misunderstanding (you can't exactly see their expression while they were talking)

5. Lotsa interference while talking..

Just a small Example ...

Tommy : Hey there
Laura : Hi darling
Tommy : Guess what..today......
-interfered by Laura-
Laura : So how ya today..?

Tommy answered 'fine' simultaneously as Laura was saying 'ops, sorry for interfering'

Tommy : er, whatca say?
Laura : oh nothing, you say 1st
Tommy : nono, you say 1st..

So you see what I mean?

6. Line cuts off in the middle of the conversation (regardless it was the line problem/that person's credit 'kong')

In conclusion, a phone call does annoy me sometimes due to reasons above..

It Was 2009 When I Was a Year Younger

So my 2009 began by celebrating New Year's Eve with some whackos for the first time at The Curve...

Welcome 2009!

I remember how I wished for 2009 to be the next 2008 as my 2008 was pretty much a blast in my life..


New year's eve countdown!

That's us..To be precise..

There were..

Ermm...Eric, MingKim, Mak, WengSiong, My sis, MunSuet, ZuWen, Brandon, Debbie, Bernice, Fion, ChongSheng, Esther and Myself..Bumped into many people though..

I would personally thank Mak for this..Without him, I wouldn't be able to be there =)

The crowd..

When 12am strikes, this was one of the crazy things we did..
Woops, I am so sorry for spraying them on you Mak, despite knowing how much you hated them XP
That's the fun of it anyway..hoho


Nose High School Visit

The Nose High School visit? oh well, its something quite eye-opening to me =)

There were lotsa Japanese Hotties there yo! :P

The camera man that we all miss =)

The performance they had..

The dinner we had together at SALOMA..


Valentine's Day!

One of the happiest day of my 2009? =D

The group that had this Surprise Birthday Party for me..
Love you peeps, honestly..

A scrap book that I'll always treasure

Life isn't a bed of roses..
But I chose to felt that way when we got together =)

Blind Leading the Blind
My first experience of walking on the road with my eyes being blindfolded..

Had a great time talking with an unknown aunty who was my partner..
An awesome who led me through and gave me her lucky number for the lucky draw..
Managed to take home a coffee-maker (1st time in my life I was called up for a lucky draw..coughs! haha)

1653 is me! the aunty in blue was my partner!!
not bad right? managed to appear on the newspaper ...wahahaha

Had no other better thing to do but to gather all this lovely peeps into a group XP
Kudos to JASON CHONG for such lovely pics..Great effort yo..

My Birthday
Just a simple word, THANKS for celebrating such lovely day with me..
LIT NIGHT - Mosaics

Was in the instrumental group..
Had a great time practising with the lovely members..Mainly Elaine, Lauren, Lauren's sis, JiaXin and Keilly

Was also in the OPENING ACT! =)

Thanks to my lil boy for making it through the night..I absolutely appreciate your presence..
Not forgetting my fellow PJI-an friends..
Gosh, I was also in charge of cleanliness for the very particular event.. Made me sweat all the way picking up rubbish XP
Sports Day

Instead of leading my Ranger's troupe/getting involved in Clare marching, I tried something new.. I became the mascot! =.=
I struggled wearing the attire/rocket on me..It was bloody hot!!! Oh well, good experience though =)

Had hammies as our new pet..
Looked after 3 generations..Tee hee..so cute =D

Dorani Homestay
Foster family?
They were awesome yo!
Had a great time there although it was only 2 days 1 night..
Managed to catch a fish during fishing..Was the only one in my gang who managed to catch one...muahaha..

Bon Odori

This is definitely something new to me =)

ASTQ 2009

Was one of the supporter there..Indeed a very very new experience for me..
Supported Alvin Chong who was once ChungLing's Leo member..


Had a blast there..Despite the short circuits and all..I enjoyed spending time with fellow leos =)

Was the Outstanding Treasurer..

Leo Installation 2009

My successor, Danielle Cheng..XOXO girl =)

BOD of 2008/2009..
Miss working with all of you =(
The moments we had together..aww man..

Was then installed as LEO again in Omega, PJI (so old already)

Welcome newbies =D
Prefect Installation

Finally stepped down as a prefect after being one since Form2..Gosh, no life..! Since then, I Can *bang bang* all the rules without thinking twice (though I was too "angelic" to go against any rules as we were still required to wear the brownies..pfft)

No more being in 4Sci2/5Sci2.. =(
No more high schooooool...

US - The classmates who had gone through many many @*&(*^@# from teachers =P
says bye bye to SPM!!


Met lotsa friends, gained lotsa experiences..
Simply awesome!

Grandma's now 80!!

The family =)

The expanded family..hoho
Daddy's bro and sis..

Ama's cutting cake..

Harvest Festival

Ama goyang kaki saje...

Mom teaching maid how to do Tang Yuan

Roll roll roll.....



A little gift from my sis..Ngeh..Love it =)

Celebrated Xmas with family at Sunway Pyramid cuz My lil boy celebrated his Xmas with his friends, without me! sob... (juz kidding..haha)

Xmas Eve at Mid Valley.. (was sick at that moment =.=)

PJI Fellowship

The half-naked swimmers + prezzies =)
Had hardcore seminar a month before SPM..Bonded with few people..
Besides that, I learnt how to solve Rubiks too..

Lastly, I was busy paktho-ing throughout 2009!!! Lol..Right