Life Has Been Tough

So it's been some time since I last blogged again..
Trying to revive this..

Life hasn't been good for me so far..Well, with all the fengshui and predictions they have every year, mine is aint so good this year..Whether it's my health, wealth and love..I don't use to trust them all, but the 'aurora' around me forced me to believe so..

Whatever it is, I am trying hard to live on..Life goes on anyway..

I last had an exam on the December..Left high school and my life has nothing to do with it anymore..besides the memories I carry along with me..I had been rotting at home, trying to do whatever I can do to kill my time..Housework..? Driving..? Form6 tuition?

Unfortunately, I had to stop my tuition classes due to some reason..That's when I began rotting..and rotting..Till I decided to work in my mom's office as a Receptionist..It's much easier to work at the same place as your mom..You gain lil things like :-

1. Free meals (mom pays all)
2. Free transport (dad drives us)

In spite of that, I had to face this minor problem when I work..Which is to equally rot in office when there's nothing to do..Gosh, I still can't escape from rotting..Whatever it is, I guess I had learnt quite alot from this working experience =)


Yesterday was my mom's birthday..just wanna wish her a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY here..

May she be well and happy always..


WenYuin's signing off feeling very very blue today...
I remembered how I shed my tears in front of my good mates just a week ago..*sigh* Thanks for being there when I needed someone, mates..

Why I Despise LONG Phone Calls..

My friends who did know me well enough would notice that I don't like talking on the phone..Phone calls are a no-no for me..Well, there are actually many reasons to why I hate LONG phone calls...

1. The phone heats up your ear, it's painful towards the end of the conversation (too much of infrared I suppose)

2. It's a big interruption especially when you're eating/sleeping (at least you can take your time to reply sms-es after you finish your meal/nap - although I can't deny that at times, some phone calls are emergency..I wouldn't mind that)

3. The message conveyed isn't clear..You can't exactly hear a person when the background is terribly noisy..

4. We assume things which can cause lots of misunderstanding (you can't exactly see their expression while they were talking)

5. Lotsa interference while talking..

Just a small Example ...

Tommy : Hey there
Laura : Hi darling
Tommy : Guess
-interfered by Laura-
Laura : So how ya today..?

Tommy answered 'fine' simultaneously as Laura was saying 'ops, sorry for interfering'

Tommy : er, whatca say?
Laura : oh nothing, you say 1st
Tommy : nono, you say 1st..

So you see what I mean?

6. Line cuts off in the middle of the conversation (regardless it was the line problem/that person's credit 'kong')

In conclusion, a phone call does annoy me sometimes due to reasons above..