What Education Really Is?

As stated above, what education really is?

I am not gonna answer this question because I am not sure myself.. It seems so vague to me..

During the ancient days, to be in a school is something very great and to be proud of..A thing to be very grateful about..Nevertheless, poor families never gave up on education..They learn moral values instead.. Education is not only something you read, memorize, understand and apply.. It is also something to improve your EQ to be applied in your daily lives.. Education can also be gained through experiences.. Hello, just so you know, Bookworms aren't the only SMART people..

Graduating from Form5 level during my father's time is already a passport to a greater companies..You don't have to take any Pre-U, diploma, degree, masters and yada yada to be hired in a company..

But now? Regardless if you failed Form3, you will still be automatically be in Form4..

ACE was once a miracle to people like my mom and dad back then when they were studying..To just pass the papers they sat gives them the whole satisfaction about education..

And now... people don't just look at your ACE..they look at your STRAIGHT A's..
Ooops..I forgot, people tend to look at your STRAIGHT A+!

Is education something for people to compare around?
Is education something to boast about?

Or is education something you possess to find the true meaning of life - which I call, the inner wisdom which gives birth to a wise man..


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